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Image Rights + Reproductions

Wolfsonian的使命之一就是帮助和鼓励你使用betway必威手机版中文版收集的图像和元数据. 请通过下面的超链接申请高分辨率图片或新照片, and email with any questions.


  • Can I use/reproduce images from The Wolfsonian?

    Yes! We encourage use of our images, 但请帮助betway必威手机版中文版尊重艺术家的权利,通过以下几个基本原则:当你使用图像(在线或离线), 您有责任确保使用不侵犯任何第三方的权利.

  • 我如何知道图像是否有任何现有的版权所有者?

    如果一个项目不清楚地属于公共领域,那么它可能有现有的版权所有者. 有时——通常是较旧的项目或原产地没有很好记录的项目——很难找到权利所有者, or even determine if there are any. betway必威手机版中文版不断努力研究betway必威手机版中文版的整个收藏,以提供清晰的文件,当可能的时候.

  • 我是否需要获得版权持有人的许可才能使用该图像?

    Maybe not! 您必须寻求版权所有者的许可,使用不包括在合理使用或其他条款的美国. S. Copyright Act of 1976.

  • What is fair use?

    本网站和betway必威手机版中文版的数字图像目录中的图像可用于研究, instruction, private study, and some other uses under the provisions of fair use. Fair use is a provision of U.S. Copyright Law (United States Code, Title 17, 第107条),允许在特定条件下有限地使用受版权保护的材料. Factors to be considered for whether a particular use falls under fair use include: the purpose or character of the use; the nature of the copyrighted work; the amount and substantiality of the work being used; and the effect of the use on the market for and value of the original. Under fair use, you may view, print, photocopy, 并在未经许可的情况下从Wolfsonian网站下载图片, 前提是您在所有副本中包含正确的来源. There are several good sources of information about copyright and fair use on the web; we like the Copyright Advisory Office of Columbia University.

  • How do I provide proper attribution?

    You must cite the author/artist, if applicable, and the source of the material as you would for any printed work; the citation must include the name of the museum and the URL of the image from the website. When you request high-resolution images from us, betway必威手机版中文版将始终给您发送一个标题与所有正确的归属信息.

  • I am/represent a copyright owner for something in your collection; where do I go with questions?

    如果您是版权所有者,并对本网站上的材料有疑问或问题, 请咨询佛罗里达国际大学DMCA通知的政策和联系信息.


  • 如果我订购一幅图像的高分辨率副本,多久能收到它?

    It depends. If we already have high-resolution photography of the item, 然后它应该不会超过10个工作日(betway必威手机版中文版的员工有限,必须验证betway必威手机版中文版拥有的betway必威手机版中文版工作的数据,以便提供正确的归属和标题). If new photography is required, 时间可能会根据拍摄队列中的工作量而变化. Occasionally, items may be temporarily inaccessible due to storage or conservation issues; if this turns out to be the case, we will not be able to provide the image.

  • I have a deadline—can you rush my order?

    We have a limited amount of staff time to devote to orders. 如果您的订单需要新的摄影或其他并发症存在涉及运动的对象, the order may take several weeks or even months to fulfill. We may be able to accommodate rush requests, 但将坚持协商费用,以支付额外的员工时间.

  • Do you charge a fee?

    No, unless you are making the request for commercial use. 如果使用小规模的学术或非营利出版或私人或研究需要, we will not charge you any fees.

  • How much is the fee for commercial use?

    For the provision of an image for commercial use, we charge a fee of $100, plus an additional $200 if new photography is called for. betway必威手机版中文版收取300美元的许可证,提供重用betway必威手机版中文版的图像文件. 在所有情况下,从betway必威手机版中文版获得图像并不意味着对原始项目的版权许可.